The Team

The Domain Policy Working Group is forming now to help shape standards for tomorrow.

The Internet is poised to navigate its most fundamental restructuring in its history with the unleashing of new generic top-level domains. The job of guaranteeing security and trust couldn’t be more mission critical. The Domain Policy Working Group is forming now to help shape standards for tomorrow.

Open Collaboration:

The DPWG is dedicated to the spirit of openness and collaboration that makes the Internet great.

Early objectives:

Our first objective is to define a draft of the Domain Policy Framework for submission to the IETF.

Who can join?

Any qualified individual or organization can apply to join by contacting

What is DPWG?

The introduction of new global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) both poses new challenges and offers new opportunities to the information security and great Internet communities. The likely introduction of hundreds of new gTLDs has the potential to confuse consumers and create new opportunities for malware hosting, phishing and the creation of DNS-based control channel networks. At the same time, the new gTLDs give us a chance to start fresh and create portions of the Internet where end-users can confidently transact their online lives.

The goal of forming the Domain Policy Working Group is to collaboratively define next-generation security standards in this evolving ecosystem. The goal is to assemble a working group of senior representatives from key industry stakeholders – both corproate, e.g. browser vendors, platforms, social networks and registries, as well as indivudals, e.g. security and IT thought leaders.

What does the DPWG do?

The overall goal of the Domain Policy Working Group will be to create new technical and policy standards that improve the trustworthiness of the Internet for typical end-users. These standards will revolve around the opportunities created by the new gTLD process, and will give capabilities and responsibilities to gTLD registries that were once the sole domain of 3rd party certificate authorities.

The initial tasks of the DPWG will include:

  • Creating a specification for the Domain Policy Framework (DPF), a language for expressing the security preferences of a gTLD and its subdomains. DPF will be distributed using a parallel DNS lookup performed by DPF aware clients, and when combined with DNSSEC will be able to securely communicate information that is under the control of the gTLD registry. When combined with DANE, DPF will provide all of the benefits of extended validation certificates with much greater functionality, control and diversity.
  • Submitting DPF to the IETF RFC process.
  • Creating standards by which participating registries will verify the identity of domain registrants and publish that identity in the DPF record.

What’s the timeline?

The goal of the DPWG is to create and release enhanced and newly rigorous Internet standards for the betterment of the entire Internet community. Working toward the ICANN schedule for the new gTLD application and delegation process, we have set the following topline 2012 timeline for DPWG activities, outputs and objectives:

  • 10 May 2012 – The DPWG website goes live. Queries for membership information opened to interested companies.
  • June 2012 – Draft legal documents are circulated to prospective charter members of the Domain Policy Working Group.
  • July 2012 – Initial members announced. Mailing list goes live. Start initial discussion of goals and tasks.
  • August 2012 – Initial in-person meeting, sponsored by membership.
  • October 2012 – Draft DPF specification completed, released for public comment.
  • November 2012 – Second in-person meeting, sponsored by membership.
  • December 2012 – DPF submitted to IETF

Who is Joining?

The charter sponsor of the DPWG is Artemis Internet Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the NCC Group plc. NCC Group is a global supplier of information assurance services, and Artemis is the division of the group focused on securing the domain infrastructure. The Artemis strategy for delivering enhanced security and trust for this evolving internet marketplace is, first, by running a high-trust new gTLD, and by providing services to other registries and registrars to help them build trust into their own gTLDs.

We are looking for participants from these sectors:

  • End-user Internet Software Vendors (i.e. Browser vendors)
  • Financial service firms
  • E-Commerce companies
  • Social networks
  • gTLD and ccTLD registries
  • DNS service providers

We are also inviting highly qualified individuals who are industry experts and thought leaders to participate in the technical work of the DPWG without corporate membership.

How Can I Participate?

We are eager to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about the Domain Policy Working Group or are considering nominating yourself or your corporate entity to participate as a charter member in the Group.

Please contact for more info and to request membership details.