On UK leaving European Union- BSI, the National Policy Standards Body

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A lot has been heard with UK leaving EU, Brexit affecting all the people, and much more. Coming to the BSI and their claims: BSI is the British Standards Institution, and it’s a national standards team which is operating in the UK. They have been entrusted with the work of setting technical standards for various state matters and is also capable of issuing certificates.

Recently, BSI broadcasted a message to all the people regarding the effects of Brexit on Policy Standards at all levels. We will quickly brief you up about it.

On UK leaving European Union- BSI, the National Policy Standards Body

There are three levels in total – National level, European Level, and finally the International Level.


  • National Level

There won’t be many changes in the BSI functioning at the National level. They will continue to make laws, and publish them as the British Standards. Therefore, no changes in this section.

  • European Level

Okay, coming to the next European level – BSI is going to continue with the 3 European Standardisation Organisation, and they are CENELEC, CEN, and ETSI. It’s going to be ‘business as usual’ activity keeping all the National Standards Bodies in check in all aspects. Aspects include making and publishing the standards.

Both CENELEC and CEN are private organizations which are working outside the EU and they are coordinating the works of 34 countries at the same time. Also, BSI has the ambition that all the UK stakeholders participate in the undertakings of both the mentioned organizations post the Brexit.

  • International Level

The membership also remains unchanged with the two major International Organisations ISO and IEC. Also, BSI mentions that they are committed to keep the UK interests in check and build solutions to tackle all the global challenges that come up.

The major thing that has to be considered in all the laws and controls is that there shouldn’t be a big effect on the UK economy after it leaves the EU. This can only be taken care of if the parties and people remain united together and follow the standards sincerely.

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